Friday, December 6, 2013


This evening I started Christmas wrapping.  I had to wrap a birthday present so I decided to begin wrapping some of the Christmas presents too. 

A few years ago I began using and it is so easy.  No standing in line for stamps or to mail packages.  I print my own labels, pay for it online and either drop them off at the Post Office or arrange to have them picked up.  Last year I had them picked up but the Post Man who picked them up was not very cordial about it.

I am always so much more relaxed once the packages going back East are out of the house and on their way.

I have set a bicycling goal.  I want to do an organized bike ride this summer.  In order to do this I need to get in shape and get my resistance up.  I have to practice riding on a schedule.  Since I can't always ride outside, I will ride the indoor bike.  I am adding Bike Challenge Updates to my posts.  That way I am accountable to you all.

Bike Challenge Update: 
On Thursday I rode 9.6 miles on the stationary bike.  Not just a flat 9.6 miles either.  It was a route with hills and valleys.  Some of the hills kicked my ***.  The bike was telling me I should be at speed 11 mph.  I was at a 7.  Then it said I should be at a 14, I was at a 8.  Those hills were hard!  But I made it the whole 9.6 miles!  The plan is currently one day riding and one day rest.

Until tomorrow...

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