Saturday, October 5, 2013


Today was a hot, busy day. When I say hot, I mean HOT.  We have a thermometer hanging on the side of our house and at one point today it said 106 degrees. Now I know it wasn't 106 degrees; more like in the 90s. But if you hung on the side of our house in the sun you would be 106 degrees!

First, I walked to my usual stops: post office, pharmacy, bank. Then I went to the store to get a wedding present. 

Second, I took the pups to a dog fest. They loved being around the other dogs. Okay, Happi loved being around the other dogs. Lucky mostly hid behind me. Happi spent the rest of her time looking for shade. Dogs sweat through their paws and since Happi has three paws, she can't cool off like other dogs. She just went from shade spot to shade spot. At one point she crawled under a van to stay cool! We only stayed for 45 minutes total and then we went home.  Just so you don't think I am mean, Happi wanted to stay and be with the dogs until the end and I carried my 27 pound dog to the car so she didn't have to walk.

Third, our neighbor's daughter got married this summer. Tonight they had a party to celebrate.  Hence the wedding present. It was really fun to catch up with some of my bookclub folks who have dropped out. We all caught up and reconnected. 

Overall it was a fun, busy, hot day. 

Tomorrow there is a local street fair I am planning on attending. 

Until tomorrow...

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