Monday, October 7, 2013


Today I showed up at a client's office and one of their staff announced she had pneumonia. I asked her what she was doing at work. She said she had a project due.  I said isn't it something that could wait or someone else could do?  She said she was only going to work that day and then she was going to take the next few days off.  I asked her if she was contagious. She didn't answer. Instead she said her physician said she could go to work if she felt better.  I asked again if she was contagious. No answer. I said I have a compromised immune system so don't take it personal if I don't come near you.  Then I said I think you should go home and get some rest and not infect others.  I called her boss and told him I that she should go home. He said he would talk to her.

Instead she worked all day. When she didn't leave by lunch time, I left and worked from home.

I get that people think they are irreplaceable, but sometimes they are selfish.  They don't know if someone has a compromised immune system or diabeties or a heart condition. Pneumonia can really complicate those conditions.   It seems she probably has walking pneumonia.  As I read it, it is very contagious with a 10 day contagion period.

I am working there again tomorrow but I will walk out if she shows up again. The last thing I need is to get pneumonia! Oh, and yes, I got the pneumonia shot but as I read it doesn't protect you from all forms of pneumonia, just the most common strains.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I know exactly what you are saying. I work in a casino. One of the WORST environments for passing along every sickness. I hate it when coworkers come to work sick! We touch the same things, stand next to each other, breath the same unfiltered air. I have to remind them all the time that I'm easily affected by illness. Good luck, and I hope she doesn't show up. :)

    1. She has stayed home the rest of the week! Thanks for your post


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