Monday, October 21, 2013


Why do people say hurtful things? Especially when it is in a passive aggressive way.

I was told that I am loud at one of my clients. Only I wasn't told to my face. I was moved to an office that is in the back away from everyone else. It was under the guise that the position had a lot of file cabinets and needed the privacy.   Then later when the person who had the office mentioned something about not having the space anymore, I mentioned that they had given it up because they didn't like it.  She said no it was because you a lot if stuff and you are really loud when you work.  Plus you need the privacy. That last part she said once she realized that telling some they are loud is not very nice. 

No one ever told me I was too loud. Not too mention my supervisor was WAY louder than me.  If that is the way people felt the adult way of dealing with it would be to come to me and say You are too loud could you try and keep it down?  I have no problem going to folks when I want something. 

Okay, I have been called loud, brash, aggressive, lots of adjectives but once you get to know me you know that I am fair, will fight for you, will help you as much as I can, and can keep your secret. 

I am trying not to be hurt by the comments.

Until tomorrow...

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