Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Today was a day all about the dogs.  First I took all the dog food back to Petco.  They were so nice!  They took back the "bad" dog food.  The food that I think had something wrong with it because Lucky would not eat it.  Then they also took back the food I bought to replace it because she wasn't thrill to eat that.  Since I had read that this brand had some recalls this year, I decided to take back Happi's food too.  Petco took back three bags of that food too.

Then I went to another store and bought one bag of a new type of food.  A new brand called Fromms.  They have a better reputation and have never been recalled.

Later that day I took Happi to the vet. She has been shaking her head and scratching her ears all night long.  Turns out she has goop in her ear. (Yes, that is a doctor term)  I have drops to put in them and in 7-10 days she should be all better.

Brenda cleaned out all their food containers, bowls, and snack containers (we feed them their food as a snack - keeps their weight down!) just in case it was some bacteria in the bad food.

At feeding time both Happi and Lucky gobbled the new food right down.  Hopefully we are on the way to a healthier home. 

Until tomorrow...

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