Monday, October 28, 2013


Poor little Lucky, our chihuahua mix.  At first I thought she was just being picky when she would not eat her food.  So I got her some different food.  During the transition of changing her food over, she got sick.  So I stopped giving her the old food.  She still would not eat the food.  She pooped in the house.  I am not sure what is wrong with her.  Is it the food?  Is she sick?  Who knows?

I am taking back the old food because I think something is wrong with it.  I researched dog food and decided I am probably going to change their food.  Both dogs.  I did not realize that their current food had been recalled earlier this year.  Not their flavor but their brand.  I find it frightening that a dog food brand can be recalled but it never makes the news.  I never hear about it.  My dog could die because Mylie Cyrus tweerking is bigger news than a dog food recall.

I think I am also going to take back the new food and just get her some new food. I was given this sample of Fromm dog food and both dogs went crazy for it.  I researched two different brands of dog food: Fromm and Nutrisource.  Both companies have single source protein dog food.  Just what I need for Happi. 

Tomorrow I will call around and figure out what food to get for my pup!  Then take back the bad food.

Until tomorrow...

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