Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work of Art

Today I was invited to a museum by a client.  It was their annual Holiday party and this year they held it at a museum.  First there was a luncheon where we each got to choose our own selection.  Then I got to play Santa by handing out their Secret Santa gifts.  Yes, I brought a gift for the office: some coffee, yummy Lil' Debbie snacks shaped like Christmas trees, and some assorted Christmas chocolates. Then a docent took us around the museum.  It was really interesting.  I have never had a docent take me around a museum before. 

I saw some interesting pieces of art.  There was this one piece from a guy who collected rocks and then cast some of them in sterling silver.  (see to the right)  I don't know his name but the installation was quite striking.  Then there was this ceramic pink lady carrying a monkey.  I got the pink lady part but could not figure out the monkey!  She looked like she should be carrying a Paris Hilton dog.

There was also what I call yard art.  One piece was a giant peace sign.  It looked amazing in the garden.  (see below)

I spent some time in the museum store and bought a little person in my life a book and my brother a birthday card. 

The only downer of the day was that my foot was killing me.  I kept sitting down and resting it.  I just wanted to stay sitting down!  I guess that is why they have wheelchairs. Tomorrow I will have to rest this foot after getting the last of the Christmas packages over to the post office. 

Speaking of the Post Office, I had such a hard time printing labels today.  I spent more than 20 minutes trying to print a label from the website but no labels printed out.  I was frustrated beyond belief.  I tried Online Chat and guess what message I got after sending my message?  "Online chat is unavailable at this time."  What?!  I can't make the website work and online help doesn't work.  NICE!  I finally got one label to print.  Yippee!  It is funny how such a little accomplishment makes me celebrate and dance a jig!

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