Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Doin' Some Cookin'

Today I finally sent my last package!  I had been waiting for something that I had ordered to arrive so I could send it on to my family.  Completed!  Now I can focus on other things.

I decided to bake some cookies.  Just some sugar cut out cookies.  Something I can do while sitting down.  I finished about 2 dozen and then I stopped.  Any other time I would have pushed myself and kept going.  Today I just knew I had to stop and I would have time tomorrow to finish up.

I have had this sweet pumpkin for a few weeks and I have been wondering what I could do with it.  I found a recipe at my doctor's office yesterday for pumpkin risotto.  I decided to try it tonight.  Instead of using canned pumpkin puree, I used fresh pumpkin puree.  This also allowed me to try (for the second time) my Cuisinart food processor.  I got the food processor about 9 months ago and used it once.  It was a disaster and I have not touched it again.  Today I used it to puree the pumpkin after I cooked it.  The risotto is delicious!  I pureed the rest of the pumpkin and froze it so I can make the risotto another time.

I bought the ingredients to make more roasted root vegetables.  I have potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and beets.  I can't wait to make them. This is my first time using parsnips.  I want to use celery root but they didn't have any at the store.  I don't put in garlic since I can't eat it and I use fresh rosemary.  Just remember to wear rubber gloves when pealing the beets!  This is yummy!

Any special fall/winter recipes you love?  Please share! 

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