Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dining Out

After writing, labeling, and stamping almost all the Christmas cards for this year, we decided to got out to dinner.  We had this coupon I got from last year's white elephant party.  I read about this restaurant online that had my kind of food (locally grown, organic, vegetarian/vegan options) and it took the coupon.  I also read some of the reviews and they were mixed. I was not expecting Tavern on the Green and we didn't get Tavern on the Green so I was not disappointed.

I called the restaurant in the afternoon and asked if I needed reservations.  The guy who answered the phone said it would be a good idea.  I said we were coming in early at 5:00pm (we were skipping lunch) and he said it would be better if we came at 5:30pm.  That should have been a sign.  A BIG NEON SIGN.

We arrived at 5:30 and no one was there.  The place was completely empty.  Now I understand that we were eating early but still...  We sat down and looked at the menu.  We ordered and the first thing Brenda wanted they didn't have tonight.  The first thing I wanted, they didn't have tonight.  The second thing Brenda wanted was bacon wrapped prawns with white beans.  They told her that they could not get those ready for her until 8pm.  WHAT?!  They tried to explain that the prep would not be done for 2.5 hours.  We were dumbfounded.  They could not prep four prawns and white beans in 15 minutes?  Give me a break. Brenda says out loud What kind of restaurant is this?  Then the manager/owner came out and told us they would make one serving of the prawns and white beans for her.  Thank you!

As it turns out, my food was really good.  I was happy with my second choice, quinoa and tofu.  The restaurant finally had some other customers show up so we were not the only people in the place.  I would not go back but the food ended up being okay in the end.  Brenda had a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that was delicious but the rest of her food was so-so.  Final verdict: it was an experience but not one I would repeat.

Update on my eye: it is really much better.  Not perfect yet but much better.  Heading in the right direction.

Update on my foot: it is not much better.  It is not as painful because I rested it most of the day.  Tuesday is Dr. day.

Thanks for all your good wishes!

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  1. experience with participants is that they are short on business and want to increase their customer base. For some this is due to a new start up business which I do buy those but for ones that have been around for awhile, I tend to avoid them. Usually something is wrong....the food, the service, etc. Anywhooo that has been my personal experience. I so love to go out to eat and it can be such a let down when one gets a bad experience.


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