Friday, December 9, 2011

What A Pain In The Foot

Okay, I have a boot, that is supposed to make me feel better. Well, it doesn't.  My foot hurts just as much as before.  The boot is a pain in the, well, foot.  I have to take it off to drive (I know, at least I can drive!)  and then put it back on to walk.  It is just very inconvenient.  Especially today when I had to run three errands. Put on boot, take off boot to drive, Put on boot to walk, take off boot to drive, put on boot to walk.... get the picture. 

On to more productive things!  I have to get better shoes.  I am not allowed to walk barefoot or in flip flops (never wore flip flops!) or flat slippers anymore. I used to have these really great slip on shoes that I loved. I can't remember the brand unfortunately.  If anyone has any great ideas of brands of shoes or slippers that have work well for them, I would like the help.  I need to get some new sneakers also.  The doctor told me my sneakers were bad.

Thanks for any help you send my way!


  1. I remember back in the old days when my doctor put my foot in a plaster cast to my knee in an attempt to treat a bad flare. And crutches. Heh. So much for driving... But on to more positive words. Slippers and shoes... hmm. Slippers: I love Haflingers. They're boiled wool, very warm, a hard sole if you want it, great arch support. Ugly but wonderful on sore feet. Expensive but worth it.
    Shoes: I tried Merrills over the summer and LOVE them. Now need to get a pair for winter wear. Superb arch support, very light, plenty of toe room, easy to put on and take off. They look good, too. Also expensive, but again, worth the money as they feel SO good on my bad feet and they last.
    I hope you don't have to wear that boot for much longer, Adrienne. Whadda PITB! Here's wishing you a fine and comfortable weekend.

  2. Thanks Wren! I appreciate the shoe and slipper tips. I will check them out. Tried shopping today and was exhausted in one hour from walking and getting in and out of the car. I came home and watched TV.


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