Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mammogram tomorrow

First thing tomorrow morning is my 6 month check up mammogram.  Ever since I had a mammogram where they "found something" almost two years ago, I have to get check ups every six months.  It turned out to be benign masses but for a few days it was a scare I would not wish on anyone.  I had some great friends who took me out and helped me through those days.  I also have my tiara to ward off the evil spirits.  What?  You don't know about the power of the tiara?

When they told me that they had "found something", I was devastated.  My mother has had breast cancer twice so I feel I am destined to have breast cancer.  I was tested and don't have the BRCA1 (breast cancer 1, early onset) gene.  So when they found something during my mammogram, I was convinced it was my time.  My friends took me out and got me a tiara because nothing bad happens to someone wearing a tiara, right?  The doctor's very quickly had me in for a biopsy and sent the tests to the lab.  I got the results very quickly.  I didn't have any cancer and now get tested every six months.  The power of the tiara worked!  Now I wear the tiara to all my tests.  When I had my MRI last spring, the tech kept calling Princess Adrienne.

Tomorrow will be another test to get through.  I will wear my tiara and  Brenda and I are planning to celebrate the good results by going to PF Chang's for dinner.

Do any of you have good luck charms?  Or things that help you through the bad times?

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  1. Eeyore! Yup, my eeyore hangs with me faithfully on my pocketbook and i my hero...so to say. When the doom and gloom cloud tries to infiltrate my world, I rub him gently and send him out to carry that cloud away. Has worked every time too! Love the tiara but at 54 I am sure I would get some strange looks. Mmmmm....might just be up my ally anyway :-)


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