Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I finally called Comcast. After about a year of having cable issues, I am finally fed up.  Over a year ago I had Comcast come out three times and they said they could not figure out the problem.  I gave up when I went on vacation and then I got sick with meningitis.  I could not begin to think about dealing with Comcast.  Then I was too busy to deal with my cable issues.  For any of you who have ever had to deal with a difficult issue with a cable company or phone company, you know what I mean.  It is rarely ever one visit from tech.  It is multiple visits from the tech support people.  Each person telling you another story about why the ___ is doing ____.  For my cable it is always: you have too many cable boxes.  You need a booster.  You don't need the booster.  A cable cord is bad.  Are you sure it isn't your TV?  Your splitter went bad.  I have heard it all.  The cable still has problems.

Maybe next week it will finally get fixed.  I can hope!

Until tomorrow...

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