Saturday, February 4, 2017


I was feeling fine. I had just walked a ways. I had just had a conversation. Then my heart started racing, faster than it ever did before. The world went white. I held on to something and I did not crumble to the floor. I could not speak or I would have said I am going to fall. I could not lift my arms or walk. It seemed to go on forever but it was probably 20 seconds. Any longer and people would have noticed.

Then I could move and I slowly went to the bus. I wanted to go home. I needed to go home and figure this out. Do I need to go to the hospital? Do I need to lie down? Who will take care of my dogs?

I got home and called my doctor's emergency line and the nurse told me to call 911 NOW!

I called my neighbor to come and take care of the dogs. I then called 911. My neighbors came and helped me get ready by putting the dogs in cages and getting my coat and bag. My heart raced again.

Then my house had about 10 men in it. EMTs and firemen asking me questions. What medicines do you take? How old are you? What is your birthday? Are you allergic to anything? What happened?
They put me in an ambulance and took me to the hospital where they ran tests and gave me fluids.

My heart did not race at the hospital. So the prognosis is dehydration. With a warning that if it happened again I am not to go home but to call 911 immediately no matter where I am.

My wonderful neighbors brought me home.
Until tomorrow...

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