Saturday, February 18, 2017


Today I had my helper come over and help me clean out more of the garage.  It looks great.  We pulled all the boxes down off the shelves and reorganized them so the less used items (such as camping equipment and memorabilia) are in the back and the more used items (such as office supplies, party items, holiday items and photos) are close at hand. I cleared out a bunch of stuff that I no longer need.  I no longer need to move 5 things to get my Halloween decorations out to decorate.

Then we made areas: a place to put gardening items, a place to put my ping pong table, and a place to put the boxes of taxes.  Now I can see and be in my exercise area again.  I even found a VCR that someone gave me years ago. It works!  I can use my yoga tapes again.

My helper had parked her car in my driveway when she arrived.  Many of my friends park there due to a lack of parking in my area.  Halfway through our cleaning out, my neighbor rang my doorbell.  My helper answered the door and I was down in the garage.  My neighbor spoke to my helper but I could not hear what was said.  By the time I got outside my helper was in her car and the neighbor was saying something to her.  My helper said "you don't have to be so rude".  I jumped in and  tried to find out what was going on.  Turns out my neighbor wanted her to move her car claiming he can't get his car out.  As the conversation went on he told me that "You will not park your car in the driveway anymore" because he can not get his car out of his driveway.  I told him the previous owner got his car out by doing a K turn.  He said he has a larger car.  I told him I was going to park my car there if I need to and he could ring the bell and ask me to move it if he found it impossible to get his car out.  He then told me that he would back his car out and if I found a dent, well...  He also said he would call the police if I parked my car there.  Good luck getting the police to come out for car parking situation.  Then he said "If you park your car there again, I will hit it."

The conversation just deteriorated after that about the security light on my house and how I am not friendly anymore.  Blah, Blah.

So much for being neighborly.

Until tomorrow...

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