Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I went to see my primary doctor today.  But first I had a handyman come to do some work on my house.  He put in security lights on the front and back of the house.  He helped me fix the garbage disposal that had some weird odor.   He also made my doors so I could open them since they were bloated from the rain.  I am so happy.  I want to get so many things fixed.  You know how you get to a certain point that you can't take it anymore?  I was at that point.  I can handle one thing that doesn't work, or two things that don't work but when it gets to 10 things that don't work, I start to have a melt down.

Then I went to my primary doctor.  First I was told I have tennis elbow. Funny I don't play tennis!  He heard what happened when I had the heart palpitations and then in the ER.  Then I told him my opinion that I was not dehydrated and that there was something else wrong.  He looked at the medical records from the ER and low and behold, the tests showed I was not dehydrated.  Ha!  I was low on potassium.

The doctor sent me out for some blood tests to see what else is going on.  He thinks there is something else going on.  I think he will get to the bottom of it.  He did give me some good advice: If the heart racing happens again, lay down.  I don't want to fall and get a concussion or knock out my teeth.

Until tomorrow...

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