Sunday, February 12, 2017


I finally got my heater installed downstairs.

Backstory: My bathroom was supposed to have radiant heat in the floor when it was constructed.  Due to a mistake by my contractor, the radiant heat doesn't work.  The bedroom is next to the bathroom and the bedroom has heat so the bathroom is not freezing.  The whole downstairs is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house because it is basically underground.

Currently: On really cold and rainy days I use a radiator type space heater to make the downstairs warm.  Problem is I can't sleep with it on because they get very hot and they aren't safe.  I bought this new type of wall heater called an Envi.  It is safe because it never gets hot.  I don't have to worry about dogs or anything else burning themselves on it.

Today my neighbor came and installed it for me.  I turned it on and by the time I went to sleep it was toasty downstairs.  Not super hot but just enough to cut the freeze.  I could leave it on all night and it was cozy in my bathroom and bedroom.

Can't wait to go to bed tonight.

Until tomorrow...

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