Thursday, February 2, 2017


A crazy thing happened this morning.  At 7 am I looked out my front window because the street light was out.  What did I see?  A coyote walking down the street.  Right down the middle of my little street.  Like he was going to work.  I ran to get my camera but he was gone when I got back.  Just another animal to add to the list of animals I have at my home:

  • raccoon
  • eggret
  • skunk
  • hawk
  • coyote
  • rat
I feel like I am missing an animal.

In the afternoon I went to a family fair for foster/adoptive parents.  I got to meet social workers and see profiles of kids.  I saw one profile that I am interested in.  I can't spill the beans about the child but I am interested to hear more.  The social worker wanted to hear more about me which is a good thing.

Until tomorrow...

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