Wednesday, February 1, 2017


How do you tell a friend some news that might upset them?  I have a friend that I also employ now and then.  This person is going through a life change which is exciting.  I fully support all of it.  The problem is these changes effect our working relationship.  My friend is not able to be available when I am in need of services. 

I have put a Plan B in place.  You know what I mean.  I have another person waiting in the wings just in case my friend's life change takes my friend out of town or in another direction.  I don't want to be left hanging. 

Now, here is my question: How do I tell my friend that I have a Plan B?  I have to tell him at some point that I have a substitute.  I could just wait until my friend is not available and then call the Plan B person and that is an organic transition. 

I just can't wait around for my friend to let me know one day that a month long trip to Katmandu is planned for next week and I am up a creek. 

But I also don't want to lose a friend.  My friend must understand that I can't wait around forever for my friend to figure out life.

Anyway, any ideas will be regarded. 

Until tomorrow...

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