Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Today my doctor called and decided that I needed an urgent colonoscopy.  There just happened to be an opening tomorrow (the day before Thanksgiving).  Imagine, there isn't a rush of people desiring a colonoscopy the day before Thanksgiving.  I can't imagine!

I didn't get the phone call until about 1 pm so I had already eaten a little bit but the doctor said it didn't matter.  I had to rush down to the pharmacy to get the prep before 5pm, when I had to start taking it.  I also needed to stop by the supermarket and get some apple juice since you have drink only clear liquids.  One can only drink so much water for 18 hours.

Here is the prep I had to drink.  I am part way through.  It is some rough stuff.  It is SO salty.  I can't stand how salty it is.  I basically go myself all settled in downstairs with movies, drinks, my pajamas, and the dogs.  I set up my iPad and TV to sync the same movie so no matter what room I am in I could watch the same movie with no interruption.  It was nice to have something to keep my mind off what was happening.  Just in case you were interested, I watched Money Monster.  It was good with enough action to keep my attention.

Until tomorrow...

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