Wednesday, November 2, 2016


It is ten minutes to 10 pm and I thought the World Series was never going to end.  I really didn't care who won.  Both teams deserved to win since neither had won in a long time and neither was my team.  But I started watching tonight since it was game 7 and boy, did they fight.  It was a good game but I really didn't think it would ever end between the hard hitting teams and the rain delays.  Congrats to the Cubs.  You broke your 108 year drought.  The goat is dead or gone or the curse is dead.

Update on Enterprise Rental car: My car husband at the car dealers volunteered to call over to Enterprise and speak to the manager and figure it out since my one day rental was a dealer rental.  The additional 20 days that I was charged was also a dealer rental from the same dealer by some other people.  When he spoke to Enterprise they found my rental in the computer.  Funny, when I called they could not find it!  Tomorrow the manager will come in and fix the problem.  I will be credited back $600. 

I put Happi's brace on her leg today and had her walk around for 10 minutes.  She hated it!  Hated it!  She walked around a bit and then laid down.

She is not happy about this brace.  It is too difficult to walk.  She also slid all over the floor because she could not get a grip on the floor.

Until tomorrow...

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