Friday, November 18, 2016


The doctor says she thinks I have some sort of virus.  I am on two antibiotics and we will see if this makes me feel better.  Last night I got quite ill again.  I had been feeling so much better and then last night. Ugh.  The fact that Happi has E.Coli didn't help either.  Hopefully this will do the trick.

I also went to see my breast cancer doctor and tomorrow I go to have my mammogram.  I hear women all over are rushing to get their mammograms before January 20th.  I thought I would have a long wait but I would say a less than 24 hour wait is not a long wait.  I have to get out my tiara!

That was basically the whole day.

Oh, the trash is all gone from yesterday.  Half of it was taken by some guy who drove by and the rest was picked up by the garbage company this morning.  Whatever, it is gone from my garage! 

Maybe this weekend I can do a run to Goodwill and get rid of another stack of stuff that is taking up room in the garage.

Until tomorrow...

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