Thursday, November 17, 2016


Just when I think I am feeling better, I'm not.  I have some medicine from the doctor I think I am going to take and see what happens.  I can't feel worse...

Today I arranged to have some big items taken out of the garage and put on the sidewalk.  They are ready for an early morning pick-up by the garbage company.  There was some leftover insulation, a TV stand and a bookshelf.  We lugged the stuff out and labeled it for pickup.  One hour later a guy drove by and picked up the insulation and loaded it in his truck.  I guess I will see what is left by tomorrow morning.  I am just so happy to get it out of the garage.  Now that I have been clearing out, I am addicted to more clearing out and making more space.  I have a load to go to charity, a batch to shred and a batch to go to e-waste.  Once that is gone, I will have a bunch more real estate in the garage.  Makes me so happy.  When we were clearing out things today we found a box of more paint cans.  I need to dispose of them too.

I met my friend for dinner tonight at 6pm.  We arrived at the restaurant and it said open and the lights were on but the door was locked and no one was inside.  We banged on the door but no one answered.  After a few minutes we went to another restaurant.  We were really disappointed because we had planned this three course dinner (mine being vegan) for almost a week.  We ended going somewhere else and I had a cup of soup that has upset my stomach.  I can not eat onions and it had onions in it.  So much for a fantastic dinner out.

Until tomorrow...

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