Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Today was Fill the Pond day.  This is what it looked like this morning.  Empty.

The sand was delivered at 9 am.  3.5 cubic yards of sand.  The helpers showed up at 12 noon.  Three guys that worked out in the gym.  The first hour went fast and it seemed like they were going to finish early.  Then the fatigue kicked in and they slowed down.  They filled the pond and we put the plastic sheet on and then they put more sand over it.

Then we had more sand.  We had to put the excess sand in buckets, bins, anything we could find.  I am going to try to give it away.

The pond is filled and now I can move forward in the foster/adopt process.

On another note, I got my credit card bill and it had a $600 rental car bill.  Funny thing, I didn't rent a car long enough for $600.  I rented a car for 1 day at a special rate from my car dealership.  After a few phone calls to the credit card company and the rental car company, I found out that the charge is from the one day.  I returned the car and some idiot continued the charge on my charge card for the next person.  I paid for the next person's rental car.  How nice of me!!!  Since it is under my name, I am not sure how I can get this straightened out,  But I will!

Until tomorrow...

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