Friday, November 4, 2016


I spent the night with a sore tummy.  Then I woke up and I was so ill.  My stomach was bloated and sore to the touch.  I could barely get off the couch all day.  At noon I called the doctor.  When he called back he thinks it is a Crohns attack.

Now there has been a lot of back and forth about whether I have Crohns or not.  First for years they told me I had Crohns and then one year they told me I didn't have Crohns.  Then last year they went back to telling me I had Crohns again.  I have decided to stop with the labels and just go with the way I feel.  I get these horrible pains in my lower abdomen that make me want to go to the hospital.  Just when I think I can't take it another minute it goes away.  I don't know what it is called but it is unpleasant.  The pain is so intense that I get chills, sweat, I get light headed, can't sleep, and can't put anything of weight on my stomach area.

The doctor says to rest and if it gets worse I am to go to the hospital.  I had to ask him what constitutes worse.  He said if I didn't get better by Saturday evening or got significantly worse feeling I should head to the hospital. 

On a happy note I went to my neighbors and he helped me put the photos on my profile for the foster/adoption.  The profile is my advertisement of ME!  It is the paper that everyone is going to see that "sells" me.  I also got to binge watch Transparent season 3 with all the time on my hands laying around.

Until tomorrow...

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