Sunday, November 13, 2016


I went to do the rest of the shopping for the Bat Mitzvah today.  I bought a pair of black pants that I could wear with flat shoes.  I also bought two pairs of shoes.  I bought the one pair I saw yesterday.  A pair of black flats with rhinestones on the toes.

I also got another pair for some whimsy.  They are silver sparkly flats.  They were on the clearance rack and they just happen to be in my size.  For $25 they seemed like fun.  I plan on wearing them at the Bat Mitzvah.  Sparkly shoes, doesn't that sound fun!

I can wear the black shoes on Saturday with the black slacks and the black and silver tank top and sweater.

I can wear the silver sparkle shoes with the secret pants on Friday night.

I also have a black sparkly bag to use.  I think I am set.

Until tomorrow...

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