Saturday, November 5, 2016


I woke up feeling slightly better.  I took it really slow in the morning.  I ate some toast and tea.  I watched some TV.  Then around 11 am I started to get things done.  The usual rounds of post office, bank, etc.  I went to the hardware store to buy a small lockbox for the refrigerator to lock up Happi's medicine that needs to stay cold. 

Then after a short rest, I loaded up my hazardous waste and took it to the dump.  I filled my car up with paint, hot tub chemicals, sealant, rose fertilizer, etc.  I drove very carefully to the dump.  They took it all and I asked if I could come back with the remaining cans of paint if I could make it back by closing time.  The guy said fine.  I think they only allow one trip per day but I explained I have a small car and could not safely fit the rest in.  He said if I could make it back by 4pm. 

I drove home and tossed the 5 remaining paint cans in the car.  I drove back and made it back at 3:59 I kid you not!  The guy was closing the gate.  I pleaded with him to open it up. It was another guy and he said no you can't come back again.  But I said the other guy said I could.  I looked for him and he said Let her in.   So they took my cans of paint. 

All my hazardous waste is gone.  Yay!! 

My carbon monoxide detector is hung.  Check.

My hazardous waste is gone.  Check.

My profile is done.  Check.

Tomorrow my friend is coming to put together my cabinet for the paint.  This is the last thing to do.

I went to see Doctor Strange tonight.  I thought it was good.  I went with my friend H and some of his friends who are becoming my friends.  It was a mixed bag on how much folks liked it.  I think I am easier to please sometimes.  I just like to be entertained.   Tonight was one of those nights.  I thought the special effects were cool.

Until tomorrow...

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