Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I went to a specialist today for my stomach issues.  The doctors are split on what is wrong with me.  Some think it is a cyst/woman thing and some think it is my Crohn's issue.  I decided to see the gastrointestinal doctor and see what she thinks. 

She is very clear that I have a gastrointestinal issue.  She ran some blood tests to see if I have an infection.  The results have already come back that I am blood healthy.  There are other tests that I am waiting to hear about and will take a few days.  Depending on those results, I may have a CT scan to see what my belly holds.  The doctor said it was very sensitive and loud.  So I wait and see.

Update on Happi: The doctor called and her urinary tract infection (UTI) culture has not grown enough so we have to wait until tomorrow.  Then they will be able to tell us more information.

Once I am feeling better I want to start walking her with her new brace.  I just have not felt like walking anywhere.

Enterprise Rental Car: I finally have a resolution to the Enterprise Rental Car credit car charge.  To recap: I rented a car for one day back in September.  I returned the car.  I got my credit card bill last week and I had a $600 charge.  I was shocked.  I thought it was fraud.  Turns out that it was Enterprise's fault.  When I returned the car someone entered the same car number on the next rental so the computer charged it to my credit card.  All $600.  I finally spoke to the right person today after speaking to many people at Enterprise.  He felt horrible and immediately credited me back the entire amount (including the amount of my rental).  Since my rental was paid for through my car dealer, I got free money!  I call it pain and suffering money.

Enough for today.

Until tomorrow...

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