Saturday, November 12, 2016


Today I went shopping for clothes for my cousin's daughter's bat mitzvah.  It is a New York theme so I need to have fancy clothes in black and silver.   I had an idea of what I wanted to get so I just needed to find it.  I wanted to have the clothes now so I was not rushing before I had to go. Not to mention the clothes in the stores are about to change to heavy clothes and I didn't want to get stuck with wool pants.

I got some great stuff that made me happy.  There are three events: Friday dinner, Saturday Bat Mitzvah, and Sunday brunch.  I need three ensembles.  I got a black and silver tank top and a black sweater with rhinestones for Saturday.  I got some fun slacks for Friday night that are a surprise that I will wear with a purple top that I already own.  For Sunday I am going to wear an outfit that I already own that is blue patterned pants and a white top and red shoes.

Then later that night I went to the movies to see Trolls.  It was cute.  I just don't like movies that have singing for no reason.  I understand movies that have singing and I don't have any problem with them.  I just don't like movies where they throw in a song for no reason.  The main character picks up a rock and starts to sing about finding a rock. It just drives me crazy.  Trolls has about 1-2 songs too many and for no reason.  Other than that it is a cute story and very vibrant.  Up beat.  Fun.

Until tomorrow...

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