Friday, September 2, 2016


Today I took my car in to finish the work on it.  It needed some belts that the dealer had to order.  I needed to go somewhere so I got a rental car.  When I arrived at the rental car place, I told them I wanted a small car.  The guy comes back with a black 2017 Ford Mustang convertible.

Let me tell you, that is a fun car!  It is really powerful.  I had to watch my speed; without realizing it I was going 85 miles an hour.  It is also a magnet.  People look at it everywhere you go.  Folks with other fast cars look at you.  I had a guy with an older Mustang pull up along side me and rev his engine because he wanted to race!  No one ever wants to race me in my VW!!  In my VW people always say "what a fun car!"  This is a muscle car and boy was it a lot of fun to drive for a day. 

I really liked the mustang horse that lights up on the ground outside the doors when you park the car.  How cool is that? 

Unfortunately I had to give it back.  But I got my baby back and since it will be a nice weekend, I may have the top down all weekend.

Happi News: Still no word from the specialist.  He left town for the weekend.  Happi's doc tried to talk to him again but the specialist left another message saying he really wanted to talk to Happi's doc.  No message saying Happi is OK means there is something the specialist wants to convey. Not sure why the specialist can't leave a message.  Guess he has not heard of a new invention called "voicemail".  Now we have to wait until Tuesday.  I have been instructed to keep Happi from going downstairs as much as possible.  Going upstairs is fine.  How do you go up without going down?  Can anyone solve that riddle? 

Until tomorrow...

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