Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Today I called the doctor and told him what is going on.  I thought he would think I was crazy when I told him I felt like I was having meningitis all over again.  Instead he said it is quite possible that I was having this thing that a very few (so of course I would get it!) people get where they have recurring symptoms.  When the patient has some sort of virus it sets off the meningitis symptoms all over again.  The headache, neck ache, back ache, over powering fatigue, vomiting, fever, etc. come back for anywhere from 2-3 days to weeks.  Fabulous! 

But good news!  If this is what I have there is an antibiotic that works for some people if I take it at the beginning of the symptoms.  I rushed down to the hospital to get some tests done so we can begin to find out what is wrong with me.  I should know some answers in a few days.

Until tomorrow...

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