Saturday, September 3, 2016


Today I was able to finally get a photo of Happi leg to show you what has happened to her "wrist".  To explain it as best I can, she has pronated her wrist.  It has bent backward.

If you have a dog or cat and can look at their "wrist" you will see that Happi's goes backward.

Here is photo of my deceased dog Taiko to compare.  You can see Taiko's wrist doesn't bend backward.  Still no word from the specialist.

I spent almost the whole day with my friend D. We went out for Indian Food and then I went to her home to hook up her TV, VCR and DVD player.  The equipment is a little older so I had to figure it all out without any manuals.  All pre-HDMI.  I got the VCR and TV working but I could not figure out the DVD player.  I could get the DVD player to run but there was no picture on the TV.  It took one trip the hardware store.  I will have to find the manual online and go back to finish the job.

Until tomorrow...

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