Monday, September 5, 2016


Procrastinating.  I am an expert at procrastinating.  Not always but I am best when I have to do something I  really don't want to do.  This weekend I had one main task I had to complete: invoicing my clients.  I am two months behind and I have been very bad at keeping track.  That means that I have to recreate many of the days in the last two months.  It is very hard for me and it is a task I dread. 

So, I found a million things to do instead.  I figured out how to transfer a computer program from my old computer to my new computer, I washed my clothes (something I also dislike so you can tell how much I can't stand invoicing), I helped my friend connect her TV, VCR and DVD, food shopped, I made lemonade and orzo salad, and cleaned the kitchen.  You will know I am really desperate if I iron the pair of pants that have been sitting on my dresser for three weeks.  That is probably the only task I dislike more. 

Most people say to me that getting the money should be a reason to get the task completed but sometimes the pay off doesn't make you do something you can't stand doing.  Like exercising to lose weight.  Some people hate exercising and it doesn't matter if you tell them they will lose 100 pounds if they do it, they will not do it.  That is how I am.  

I have three hours left in the day and I am diligently working to get at least one month completed.

Until tomorrow...

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