Friday, September 23, 2016


You know how you think everything seems fine? Then your dog can't sleep because she has to pee every fifteen minutes. That is what happened after my post last night. Happi went outside five times in a three hour period. She peed five times one time she went out and then nine times the next time. That is when I knew: she had a UTI. 

I bundled her up and rushed her to the emergency vet at 12:45 am. Of course Lucky wanted to go because she didn't know where we were going in the middle of the night. We were at urgent care for two hours. They ran some tests and $500 later they told me what I already knew: she had a UTI. 

They gave me some antibiotics and some wee wee pads and we came home.

Every hour we got up to pee.  My poor baby was barely squeezing out a drop.  She would pee five times each time she went out back. 

During the day she took a few antibiotics and she is feeling much better already.  I spoke to her regular doctor and he says it sounds promising that she is better already. 

I am tired and will go to bed early to be ready for my third training tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow...

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