Thursday, September 1, 2016


Yesterday I took my car into the shop to get it checked out.  It was time to see my car husband.  That is what I call my service tech guy.  He has been my service tech for 25 years so I started calling him my car husband. 

If you can believe it, I have never put oil or water or windshield wiper fluid in my car.  I have never put air in my tires.  I used to never wash my car but then the drought hit and now the shop doesn't give free car washes anymore.  <sad face>  I bring my car in and my car husband does these things for me.  Sometimes he doesn't even charge me to do these things.  Most times he charges me some discount. 

I hit 75,000 miles and it was time to take the car in for service.  The car is 14 years old but I don't drive very far and I don't have very many miles on it so it is in very good condition.  I needed the oil changed, add fluids, rotate tires, change/add brake fluid, check the brakes, check the hoses and belts, etc.  Most of it was fine.  There was one belt that was worn but since the car is so old, they had to send away for the replacement.  I have to bring it in tomorrow to have it replaced.   I was happily surprised there was nothing serious wrong.  Always good news!

Until tomorrow...

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