Sunday, September 25, 2016


It was 100 degrees today.  100 degrees.  SO HOT.  Lucky was just walking around trying to find a cool spot.  My downstairs is 20 degrees cooler than the upstairs so the dogs like to go down there.  I had doors and windows open, fans on, and blinds pulled down and still I was HOT.

There was a big fair going on and I used this time to run errands.  I bought dog food, bird food, etc.  I got the errands completed rather fast. 

I sat and tried not to get hotter.  I drank water and had an ice pop. 

Tomorrow is another hot day.  Ugh.

Happi update: she is doing a whole lot better.  She is not peeing as much anymore.  She is back to peeing regular.  The medicine is working.  She is much happier.  

Until tomorrow...

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