Sunday, September 11, 2016


I tried to fix my flat tire today.  I drove to Sears to get two new tires.  The first time I drove there was 7 am but there was a sign on the door saying they open at 10 am.  I didn't want to sit around for three hours.  I drove back at 10 am and got in line.  The guy told me they didn't have any tires "exactly what I need" but they had some that were good enough in the Radar brand.  Huh?  Never heard of it.  I said forget it.  I don't want store brand tires.  I want name brand tires on my car. Not some cut rate tires.  This is tires not toilet paper we are talking about.

Now I have to find another place to get tires that is close by.  I have almost hit the limit on how far I can drive on my Mickey Mouse tire.

I can't get the tires tomorrow so I have to drive a rental car.

Until tomorrow...

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