Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The doctor called today and told me I have a UTI.  He said the culture has not come back yet but there is enough white count in my urine that he is sure I have a UTI.  I am back on antibiotics.  It is the antibiotics that come with the two page warning that says I could tear a ligiment or hear a popping sound that would not be good.  When the new pharmacist gave the prescription to me he asked me if I had a questions.  I said no, I would not be running any marathons this weekend so I should be good.  He gave me that strangest look.  He didn't know I was a frequent flyer at the pharmacy. 

The weird thing is that I didn't have any symptoms of a UTI.  I didn't even know I had any infection.  I guess a person can have an infection and not even know it.  These antibiotics will take care of it.

Until tomorrow...

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