Thursday, March 31, 2016


Day 113.  A month ago I noticed a red mark on my arm.  It was while I was in the hospital.  I didn't say anything because, well, other more important things were going on.  I knew I had an appointment with my dermatologist coming up and decided to wait to see the doctor.

Today was that day.  She looked at it and it is not cancer.  Yay!  It is some long name that is basically a mark that means I am getting old, am fair skinned and spend time in the sun.  It is nothing.  This makes me happy.

My rosacea has come back.  My face is red and has bumps since I was in the hospital. The doctor gave me a special medicine to use. Hopefully it will go away.

Finished my taxes and I am sending them off tomorrow.

Going back to the Happiness Project soon now that I am feeling better.  The month of March was a bust!

Until tomorrow...

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