Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Day 211.  I went out today and without a mask.  It is day 7 since I was in the ER so I feel pretty confident that I am no longer contagious plus I am barely coughing anymore.  I don't think I am able to spread it.

I took Lucky to her behavior appointment.  Lucky has an issue with space.  She resource guards space.  I have a bunch of things I need to do.  I need to put items on the places that she likes to covet.  She likes a certain chair so right now the chair has a box on it.  I can use other things: a prickly mat, a thunder mat that makes a loud noise when she jumps on it or thunder can that sprays air at her. 

I also need to stop the dogs from going on my bed by themselves.  I need to allow them to go on the bed with my permission.  This will be harder.  I will have to think of a way to do this since I don't have a regular bedroom door. 

I need to remove all the dog beds and leave one for each dog in the living room and the office.  That is it.  The rest need to go.

I need to treat Lucky when she does the correct things and ignore her when she does other things. 

I have my work cut out for me.  I need to work as hard as I worked when she had food issues.  The behaviorist seems to think it is something that is workable.

Until tomorrow...

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