Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Day 184.  I went to see my RA doc today.  She was better than last time I was there.  Maybe I was just feeling horrible, who knows.

I was correct that I will have to stop taking Enbrel.  I can't take Humira either.

The plan is this:  Wait until I feel better before I do anything.  Once I feel better, start taking Plaquinel.  She wants me to reduce my Prednisone dose.  Come back and see her in 30 days.  If I feel worse before 30 days, I am to call her.  She thinks I may not need to go back on another arthritis medicine.  I am not sure I agree with her but I will wait and see.  Now I have all this Enbrel in my fridge I wish I could give to someone.  I don't know anyone on Enbrel or I would give it to them.

On my way home from the doctor's I got really sick.  I don't think I would make it back home before I vomited.  I did and my friend K stayed with me for an hour to make sure I was okay.  They said I was completely white.  It took me about two hours to feel better.  Movement makes me feel crappy.  I need to stay in bed!

Until tomorrow...

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