Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Day 205.  I could not sleep all night.  I was hot. I was cold with the chills.  I was nauseous.  I ached everywhere. I could not think straight. I thought I had meningitis again.  At 3am I wanted to go to the hospital but what was I going to do with the dogs?  I stuck it out until 6 am when I texted my neighbor to ask if he could feed and walk the dogs.  When he said he would I caught a cab to the ER.

When I got there my blood pressure was really low.  So low that they took it twice and asked me if my blood pressure was normally low.  I said yes and they asked me how low?  I told them I was too sick to answer any more questions and began vomiting.  They then took me directly back to a single room.  Meningitis and low blood pressure (as well as chest pains) really get you fast service and a room to your self.

I got one of my favorite docs and he ran a bunch of tests.  Blood, more blood, flu test.  Gave me some morphine and called my primary.  They decided I had been through enough in the past month and another spinal tap was not necessary.  The flu test came back positive so I have the flu.  Not the "oh, I think I have the flu" type of flu.  It is the you have flu, wear this mask for 5 days and take Tamiflu.  You are contagious type of flu.

I went home and got in bed and fell asleep.

Until tomorrow...

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