Friday, March 25, 2016


Day 207.  Today was another day of lovely weather and I am in bed.  I went out on the balcony for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine then I went back to bed.  I forgot it was Easter weekend.  I called a vendor and they were closed for Easter.  Did companies close for the Friday before Easter anymore? 

Besides trying to get some work done, I am binge watching one of my favorite time waster BBC shows Death in Paradise.  It is really silly but it is fun to watch.  Sort of like Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.  Very British humor but this one has a wonderful beach background.  Nice to look at when laid up!

Not much else going on here except I am running out of food and may have to venture out to the supermarket with my mask on to get more sustenance.  Also some ice cream.  I want ice cream and I ran out a few days ago.  You know how you crave something once you don't have it?  I am at that point. 

I think the March Happiness activities have gone by the wayside.  I have been doing more of the April activities.  Those activities are more about family, reaching out, connecting with people more.  Nothing makes you connect with family and friends like two possible fatal diseases!  My family and friends have been more than wonderful.  Offering to come take care of me.  Doing favors for me.  Taking care of Lucky and Happi.  Asking me if I need anything.  Driving me places.  Super nice.  I could not ask for nicer folks.

Until tomorrow...

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