Thursday, March 24, 2016


Day 206.  I can feel the Tamiflu working already.  I had to go check in with my primary today.  I kind of wish I didn't have to go because I didn't feel well.  At my appointment my primary told me there were two things I have watch out for.  One is some weird thing where my body eats my lungs.  I told him to stop talking it sounded so horrible.  The second is bacterial pneumonia, something I know all to well.  I have had it two or three times so far.  I am not trying for another time.

I had to get this paperwork in to the city for an assessment and it took all my brain power to get it done over the last 48 hours.  I had to seal and reseal the envelope 4 times because I left out the check, put the copy in instead of the original, put two copies in instead of the original.  It was a mess.  I have high hopes that the paperwork goes through.

Now I just have to rest and get better.

Until tomorrow...

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