Saturday, May 31, 2014


Last night Brenda and I decided to watch a movie on the Roku. To do that you must use the Roku remote control to pick the movie, stop and start the movie.  Since I have to keep my leg elevated, we decided to open up the convertible couch.  While my foot has caused me so much trouble, Brenda has really had to pick up a lot of slack. So I thought I would be helpful and open the couch myself.

I began pulling of the cushions when the remote controls that I had sat on the arm of the couch, went flying.  One flew on the floor, another on the couch, and the Roku controller went head first in a frosty glass of iced tea.  The iced tea proceeded to spill all over the little table, my kindle, iPad, and clock radio. It took me a few moments to realize that the controller had gone into the iced tea because Roku controllers are quite tiny and it was completely submerged except for the wrist strap.  If it had been an earlier version of Roku it would have taken me longer to find it since the earlier versions had no wrist strap!

Once I realized what had occurred, I yelled for paper towels and began taking everything out of the tea.  Brenda came running with a little towel and I sent her back for more paper towels. I dried off the remote and then I remembered that commercial where the guy drops his cellphone in the toilet and he puts it in rice.  I quickly got a bunch of rice and put it in a plastic container and submerged the remote again.  I figure if it works for cellphones, why not remote controls?

I then finished cleaning up the mess.  The kindle, iPad and clock came of it unscathed.  Then we sat down and stared at the TV.  What to do?  We have a movie we want to watch but no controller to watch it.  Ah, we have another Roku, let's use that remote.  After 5-10 minutes of trying, that was a bust. Different versions of Roku don't work together.

So, I did what any person with average intelligence would do: I Googled it.  Turns out Roku has an app for that!  There is an app for my cellphone (or iPad) that will turn it into a Roku remote controller. How crazy is that?   All this time I never needed that stupid controller anyway.  Took me 2 minutes to get it downloaded and working.

Now you want to know what movie we watched?  The remake of About Last Night. It was funny.  I still like the original better. In fact if you look carefully, there is a scene where two of the characters are watching the original movie and debating whether it is a chick flick. I think some times Kevin Hart seems like he tries too hard to be funny.

The Roku remote worked just fine this morning when I took it out of the rice.

Until tomorrow...

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