Monday, May 5, 2014


Today we spent the whole day clearing out the downstairs and then putting plastic on everything.  Tomorrow the contractors come to demo the shower and my experience with contractors is that they will get dust and dirt on everything they come in contact with.  They will also do things like wash their hands in your nice sink if you let them.  I have learned that if you don't lay down the rules early on, your nice towels end up being used to wipe things up.  We have removed everything from the bathroom so they can't break anything, use anything, etc.  We also don't want that horrible demo dust on all our furniture, so we plastic wrapped everything.  The plastic wrap will also protect the furniture from other things like "bulls in the china shop" construction guys.

We have a nice utility sink for construction cleaning that has soap and paper towels.  We have a servants entrance for them to use so they will not be entering the main part of the house.  I cleared out the hallway from the entrance to the bedroom.

The poor dogs are disoriented.  They don't know where their beds are.  They don't understand the plastic wrap.  The room looks a bit like a scene from Dexter!

Happi looking confused
Until tomorrow...

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