Friday, May 2, 2014


I was up and down all night from all the water I drank. Going number 1 and number 2. Then the alarm went off at 5:30 am.  Time to drink Prep number 2. Yay!  This time I held my nose and got 4/5 of it down.  The stuff is so salty I can't stand it.

Then off to the center where I got to put on a gown that opened in the back.  I got rolled into the room and I remember talking and then I remember waking up.  I woke up with a start because I thought I heard my dogs waking up. (In the morning when my dogs wake up it wakes me up)  I think I even said Lucky do you want to go out?  The anestheologist said I woke up just as they were ending. He seemed surprised.

The new drug doesn't leave you groggy or out of it.  I laid there for a little then the doc came in.  I got some interesting news: no Crohn's. After all these years of thinking I have Crohn's, I don't.  The doc took biopsies and cultures I had one polyp that she removed. My ileum looked normal.  The doc says she needs to wait until the biopsies and cultures come back to see what is going on since it is not Crohn's.

I came home, ate a wrap and went to sleep.   Doctors orders were to lay around all day. I can do that!

Until tomorrow...

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