Friday, May 30, 2014


This week I got a call from my credit card company. They wanted to know if I charged $468.00 at Safeway. Uh, no.

The credit card company assured me that they didn't pay the charge because it seemed peculiar. I still had my credit card in my possession so the number had to be taken when I charged something. I asked if there were other charges. There were no other bad charges and the last time I used it was at a restaurant on Monday. Prior to that I had not used my credit card for more than a week. I am sure if it were stolen a week ago, they wouldn't wait to start using it.

I am very careful with my credit cards. I have one credit card that I use for online purchases only. Another for everyday purchases. I don't use my bank card as a debit card. I don't carry more cards than I need. I use cash if I feel at all like there is anything suspicious.

Most likely someone at the restaurant took the credit card number. Too many people touch your credit card at a restaurant. The waiter takes your credit card, the bartender runs the card, and the bus boy picked it up at the end. Then there is the bookkeeper and god knows who else after you leave.  I called the restaurant and let the manager know. At first he seemed like he didn't care. But then he said he would talk to the owner and get back to me. I have heard nothing.

The credit card company was wonderful. 24 hours later I had a new card with a new number. I went online and checked my charges and there were no other bad charges. They were on it!

I have a protection service that I pay for. So I would have seen this charge after it went through. A little too late.

This is a reminder to check your statements carefully. You never know when someone is going to charge $460 worth of groceries to your card. I still can't imagine what they bought for $460!

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