Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Okay, it is hot on the left coast. Not just hot but HOT.  Sticking to the seat hot. Sweating the minute you step outside hot. Drinking so much you pee clear kinda hot.   It was hot.

My dogs have been so uncomfortable. Especially little Lucky. She is SO uncomfortable.  She just walks around the house trying to find cool spots to no avail. Since the downstairs is being renovated, they can't go down there. Our downstairs is about 20 degrees cooler at all times. The dogs want to go down there so much.  Our bedroom downstairs is all covered in plastic due to the renovation.  Looks a bit like a Dexter kill room.

Anyway, the dogs want to go outside because they think it will be cooler and then they get outside and it is too hot, then they want to go back inside. This goes on all day. It is exhausting because I think they have to "do their business" so I quickly take them out. Then they just walk around meandering.  I try to leave them outside alone but they are too anxious for that.  They are just used to more moderate weather.

Let's hope tomorrow is not as hot and sweaty.

Until tomorrow...

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