Saturday, May 3, 2014


Thank you for your wonderful thoughts while I was having my colonoscopy. It is a test we will all have to get eventually and let's hope they find a way to make it more pleasant. I would send a donation to that research project! Would you??

After my colonoscopy yesterday, I am feeling a bit more like myself. I decided to go for a walk after being cooped up for two days and basically tied to a bathroom. It felt good to get some fresh air!

I made some food and watched the Kentucky Derby. My horse came in first, California Chrome. That means bragging rights at our house. Until the Preakness that is, then all bets are off.

In the evening I went to a neighbors house for a gathering if the folks on our street. It was fun although I didn't eat anything.  My stomach is still sensitive and I didn't want to upset it with crazy food.  Heck I am still eating mashed potatoes and tofu.

I did spend some time on the internet looking for medical issues that my biopsy could be showing. That didn't yield much.  I guess I will be stressed out until I hear from the doc.

Until tomorrow...

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