Wednesday, May 21, 2014


For the last few days I have had a migraine. I took migraine meds both days. I also seemed to pee quite a bit. I didn't think that much about it until this morning. I had to pee quite a bit during the night and this morning I was letting the dogs outside and suddenly there was pee running down my leg with no warning. Yes, it was my pee. 

A few minutes later I got in the shower and suddenly took ill. I got light-headed and had to get out of the shower.  I felt awful.  

I called and cancelled my work appointment and then called the doc.  My doc is out of the office so I had to wait for some other doc to call in a prescription. It took until 4pm. I was peeing every 45 min.  I have the medicine now but it says to take 2 hours after eating. It also says it is the cure for anthrax but I digress. 

So I sit here until 8:30 when I can take the meds. Hopefully it works quickly.  I am tired of going to the bathroom every 45 minutes!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Aw, Adrienne. UTIs are miserable. I hope it goes away fast!

    1. Thanks Wren. 4 hours after taking the meds I was already feeling better!!


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